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What is Round Table?

The Round Table is an international organization of men between the age of 18 and 40. They have a sister organization, which is known as the Ladies Circle. They are not committed to any religion, have no mad rituals and no national or vocational restrictions.


The smallest unit is the respective local table, which are the members of the Round Table of Switzerland. The presidency of each table consists of the table president, the vice-president, the past president, the secretary and the cashier. In order to offer as much members as possible the chance for an acquisition of a function, the office periods usually are for one year. The Global controlling body is the “World Council of Service Clubs” (WOCO). Members are Active 20/30 intern., Apex, JECC, Crest (Ladies club of Australia), and RT, the Umbrella organization The Controlling body on a lower level is Round Table international, which has about 50' 000 members world-wide.

  • Adopt this means an accepting of values and experiences, which were made in the past and to have proven to be successful.
  • Adapt is the adaptation of these accepted values and experiences to the needs of our time.
  • Improve this stands for the improvement. It means the active organization of life as well as an initiative, employment in the context of the vocational and social possibilities.

Tablers want to retain traditional values, to adapt and to contribute them to the conditions of the modern world to improve society.

Becoming a member

The Table selects its members individually. Only young men are acceptable, men who are recognized and respected in their occupation, and fit into the existing “family” of the club.

Each newcomer will be assigned to a mentor, who will audit the candidate, introduce him to the Table and support him until he is fully integrated into the community. With the admission into the club the new member commit itself to active cooperation and to the patronage of the meetings.

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